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Under the premise that both Ramsey’s were involved in a cover up, I am curious what the JDI crowd expected them to do with the body. You all argue that calling with the body in the house absolutely means that Patsy wasn’t involved and I have an issue with that for these reasons .

JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her family home on Christmas in . The case of the dead six year old girl captured headlines and attention across the country and all over the world. Books, movies, and TV shows have all been made about the case. More than years later, the case continues to mesmerize the public. To learn more about this notorious case and its evolution, read on..

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  • The Year Saga Of Jonbenet Ramseys Murder Directexpose

    . The Girl. JonBenet Ramsey was born in in Atlanta, Georgia. One year after her birth, JonBenet and her family moved to Boulder, Colorado, which is where her father’s business computer system company had its headquarters..