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MSI GeForce GTX GB DUKE OC Video Card vs. MSI GeForce GTX GB GAMING Z Video Card vs. MSI GeForce GTX GB Video Card vs. MSI GeForce GTX GB GAMING X G Video Card PCPartPicker. The gaming Z will run at an idle speed lower quieter, less heat than the DUKE, but also is capable of ramping up to a higher boost clock speed..MSI gtx ti gaming x VS Msi gtx ti duke. Loyde Kessroy , PM I want to know all of your thoughts and opinions on which card you prefer and why..Solved MSI gtx ti gaming x VS Msi gtx ti duke. solved cant find a MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming GB solved Will an i be a bottleneck for a MSI GTX TI TITANIUM GB?.Question Anyone have a MSI Gaming X Duke Ti? It also turns out the MSI Ti Duke uses the same PCB as the Gaming X and happens to be just about the cheapest card out there, plus other variants such as EVGA Zotac being difficult to obtain in Australia. looking at Sea Hawk EK X PCB vs Duke PCB. I have the non EK sea hawk, and hold .Yeah, I might skip out on MSI next time. I returned the Duke for a Gaming X and it still has audible coil whine. It isn’t as bad, but it is still there. Between one Gaming X , Dukes, and a Gaming X I have not had a card without some sort of whine..Days ago The PS Pro tacks an extra $ onto the price, while the Xbox One X adds $. That means K gaming and enhanced PlayStation VR performance on the PlayStation PS Pro and Xbox One X. Controls..GeForce GTX GAMING X G graphics card provides the speed and power of NVIDIA Pascal, MSI GAMING X graphics cards are fitted with a solid metal back plate to make it extra tough. The matte black finish completes the TWIN FROZR VI design to perfection. PERFECTION IN SLOTS.. Differences between MSI GTX Gaming G vs MSI GTX Gaming X G . Well I just ordered the MSI GeForce GTX Gaming X G, or rather that’s what I thought I ordered when in fact I ordered the MSI GTX Gaming G. It looks like the differences are the Gaming X has a higher clock and boost clock speeds compared to the Gaming X..Compare the GTX GAMING X and RTX DUKE specs, reviews and prices to decide which Graphics Card is best for you! Guides GTX GAMING X Model RTX DUKE Brand MSI Brand MSI Part Number Part Number Release Year .MSI presents its GeForce GTX and GTX Duke Edition Graphics Cards. By. Sajjad Hussain . . You Might Like MSI Unveils GeForce GTX Gaming X RGB, Aero, Armor and Sea Hawk Graphics cards..

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