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Why, in the golden age of video games, are we choosing to get together round a table again to play with counters on a board?.They’re baaaaaaack! Gotham’s biggest and baddest villains have returned from the winter hiatus, meaner and more ruthless than ever. Well, for the most part. Not even the winter cold can keep these cold hearted villains down. Mr. Freeze would feel right at home..If you love procedural legal dramas and mysteries you will love “A Criminal Defense’ by William L. Myers Jnr This is filled with clever courtroom angst, conflict and drama..BoJack Horseman is a dark comedy, but as dark as the Netflix Original series is, viewers haven’t seen anything as dark as murder until “BoJack Kills.” In this episode, BoJack and Diane find a dead whale named Nadia floating in the pool of BoJack’s old collaborator Mr. Cuddlywhiskers, and .In , I deleted all of my social media accounts. Now, years later, I’m glad I took that “extreme” step. If you’re planning to quit social media yourself, you might have questions about what comes next. Speaking from my own experience, here’s what you can expect. When I quit social media .

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